You have done great work for us, you are easy to work with, you explain things well and have an ethical and efficient work process. I strongly recommend your services.

Thanks You.

Shri Thanedar, Ph.D.
CEO/Chief Chemist

It is with great pleasure that I am recommending McCombe Penalty Recovery for outstanding link penalty removal services. I was referred to McCombe Penalty Recovery by another link removal company who was too busy to take on our account. From our initial conversation, Jody was very attentive to our needs, thorough with her analysis, and appropriately aggressive with her strategy as our site had been hit hard with a very messy negative SEO link scheme along with many years of purchasing links. Within a fairly short amount of time, Jody was able to uncover many redirect schemes and thousands of malicious links that were contributing to our penalty. She was transparent and communicative with her efforts and our penalty was revoked by the deadline we set. Jody McCombe's persistence proved to be very beneficial as our site recovered in-time for our high season. Without McCombe Penalty Recovery, I think our site would still be penalized and our rankings wouldn't have recovered, so I highly recommend Jody and her services for your Google compliance needs.

Jennifer Dewey

We suffered a google manual penalty back in October 2013 which pushed us from no 1 down to bottom of page 2 for our main keywords. Our SEO guy had no experience in recovering from this and we wasted an enormous amount of time which had a major impact on our business. I found Jody McCombe and was impressed by her straight-talking, no flannel approach. Whilst I was more than a little embarrassed by the poor quality of our link profile, I was greatly encouraged by Jody's assurances. Five weeks after contacting Jody, our penalty was revoked and our site has recovered to page 1 of google.

Results speak for themselves; Jody's professional approach coupled with her knowledge and tenacity delivers a first class service. I just wish I had found her sooner!

Jennie Hunt
Portable Venues (Group) Ltd

Jody is an indispensable resource for us as. We routinely get new inquiries from companies looking to enhance their online marketing campaigns. Many of these companies have been penalized by Google for questionable link building practices, usually as a result of working with a less than ethical SEO company.

Our expertise is increasing our client's ROI via a multitude of online marketing channels. Before we can get to that we sometimes need to address a penalty. I can recommend, without hesitation, Jody's penalty removal services. She is accessible, on-time, priced fairly, and is excellent at her work. Highly recommended.

Eric Covino
CEO, Creative Signals

I have used Jody several times in the past, and each time we have worked together she has gotten penalties removed on the first try. Invaluable service and will be using her again in the future for all of my clients.

Patrick Reinhart
Owner, PJReinha Consulting

A notice that your website has been put on probation by Google is devastating no matter what size is your business. Google gives no warning; and if you are like most business owners you hired an "expert" to help build and promote your site. The problem is that they may be doing things that in the short term Google doesn't discover but are totally against their rules.

When our site was put on probation it did not take long for me to determine that I did not have the expertise, tools or the time to figure out what to do. I was very thankful that I found Jody McCombe who knew how to resolve the issue, notify Google and get us back up and running again. Her knowledge and professionalism was most refreshing, to where she is now one of our trusted advisors on all things web.

So, don't try to resolve a Google penalty yourself. Bring Jody in at the beginning and you will save time, money and your business.

Dovell Bonnett
Founder & CEO
Access Smart, LLC

I received the dreaded unnatural links warning way back in March or April 2012. Over much time (about 14 or 15 months), I did everything I thought I was supposed to do. I contacted webmasters over and over again. I got tons of bad links removed. In two instances for particularly ugly links, I actually bought the domains from their owners where the links were residing just to get them removed. I used the disavow tool for those I couldn't remove. I spilled my guts to the reconsideration request reviewers. But each time (and I think there were 4 or 5 of them), I was rejected with the same form letter. When I found out about Marie & Jody's service, I had all but given up. They claimed to have had success before with business owners like myself who were incredibly frustrated. I decided to give them a shot. They promised to work until the penalty was removed – no matter how long it took. They worked for a week or two auditing my links again. We discussed the importance and source of each link and then came to a group decision about which links further to remove. The whole time they were a pleasure to work with. In the end, they got my penalty removed on their second try.

I can't recommend Marie & Jody enough. They did what I thought was all but impossible.

Ira W.

I can highly recommend Jody McCombe to anyone who is looking for professional help in getting an unnatural links penalty removed. Jody trained under me and I have been extremely pleased with how successful she has been. She is very good at determining which links need to be addressed, getting a good number of links removed and crafting an effective reconsideration request. Jody has successfully removed the penalty for every penalty removal job that I have sent her way.

Marie Haynes
Owner - HISWebMarketing.com