Link Audits

Our audits take a comprehensive assessment of your website, searching for and identifying any existing or potential issues that could result in a drop in rankings or Google actions.

What our audits identify:

  • An indepth analysis of your backlinks profile (compiled from four sources including Google webmaster tools)
  • Links with the same anchor text coming from multiple sites
  • Links from sites that are unrelated to your niche
  • Links from sites with a low PageRank or low traffic
  • Links from article directories or sites that look like link farms
  • Links from link exchanges
  • Paid links (whether in sponsored posts, bios, the sidebar or wherever)
  • Links from sites with malware warnings
  • Links from sites that aren't in the Google index (search for site:YOUR DOMAIN NAME)
  • Spammy links in blog comments
Once we have completed your site audit we will provide you with a full report, which includes all our findings and recommendations on how to clean up your link profile.

Contact us today for a quote on a link audit for your site to ensure your link profile will survive the new Google update.