Google Penalty Recovery

We have the experience necessary to get your penalty removed. We know which types of links need to be removed and which ones Google will allow to remain. We also know how to effectively get links removed and how to concisely communicate efforts of link removal to Google. In addition, we have plenty of experience using the disavow tool.

Each domain is visited and each link is manually evaluated. This is the best way to ensure that all of your GOOD links are kept which gives you the best chance at regaining rankings once the penalty is removed.

Our Process

Once we have access to the websites Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) we pull all the active backlinks, combining backlink data from four different sources to ensure a complete profile. It is possible for your site to have backlinks that do not show in webmaster tools.

You can be as involved or detached from the process as you desire. We work with website owners to identify partner links and organic links. We provide a full audit of the site with recommendations on all links.

We MANUALLY remove unhealthy links by contacting the webmasters of each referring domain and sending a professional request for link removal. No tools. No magic tricks! It is a labor-intensive process but a very important one to ensure only the toxic links are removed and all organic and healthy links are preserved.

Throughout the process we are documenting all the details of our outreach campaign to be shared with Google.

Only after we are satisfied that every attempt has been made to remove the toxic links do we then begin the disavow process. We create a disavow file according to the standards identified by Google. The disavow tool is a very powerful tool and when used incorrectly is can actually harm your site.

After the disavow process is complete we prepare a comprehensive summary for submission and reconsideration to Google.

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