Jody's Blog Blabber

August 2014

Tweeting my way onto Google's radar

I have never been much of a tweeter!. I personally just don’t have the time. But recently my mentor Dr. Marie Haynes suggested I put my self out there more socially in the SEO and Google Penalty online circles. I began using twitter and of course it became addictive. I always wondered who would care about anything I have to say. I know alot about penalty recovery and google reconsideration but I never thought it would lead to this.

My Penalty Is Gone! Now What?

Your penalty has been revoked!!! You are no longer on the Google bad list, the reconsideration was accepted, you passed Go and your now free… or are you? Many of my clients believe that once their penalty is revoked, they give me a pat on the back and the work is done. They can go about their SEO efforts and climb their way back to the glorious top spots in Googles rankings. Not so. You got a penalty once you can get one again.