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My Penalty Is Gone! Now What?


Oh the joy both me and my clients feel when we see that glorious message in webmaster tools.

Your penalty has been revoked!!! You are no longer on the Google bad list, the reconsideration was accepted, you passed Go and your now free… or are you?

Many of my clients believe that once their penalty is revoked, they give me a pat on the back and the work is done.  They can go about their SEO efforts and climb their way back to the glorious top spots in Googles rankings. Not so. You got a penalty once you can get one again. Think of this penalty as your first offence, now imagine you commit the same or new acts of link building, duplicate content, guest blogging etc. How do you think Google will react?  A second penalty!  Google will lose trust in your site and penalize you again, only this time the penalty will be harsher.

As important as it was to review and audit your backlinks for penalty removal its equally if not more important to monitor your links after the penalty is revoked. You maybe surprised to see just how many new backlinks pop up each month.

Monthly backlink monitoring is an important way to ensure your profile stays clean. By proactively reviewing your backlinks you can easily track your natural links and proactively remove and or disavow unnatural links that are sneaking into your profile such as the nasty doppelganger subdirectories of Example: In a recent artcile by Marie Haynes on unnatural directories she notes that you can disavow directories like this at the domain level.

It will become easy to audit your monthly backlinks if you perform this regularly. You or a service provider will be able to provide a monthly list of new links which you should remove and/or disavow.

It will give you a better handle on your backlinks, who is linking to you and the benefit or negative associated with that link.

Many people are scared to proactively disavow. Why poke the bear if it is no longer growling type attitude. Dont be afraid to be proactive. In an article in SEJ  by Matt Southern it says that  

By actively reviewing your backlink profile and following the standards provided by Google Webmaster Guidelines you can ensure your profile is in tip top shape to avoid being hit by the next algorithm refresh.

Whether you do it in house or hire a service, backlink monitoring it is key to staying in Google's good graces and ensuring you don't get hit by a second round penalty.

Confused? Not sure if your links are helping or harming?

Need help with a Google Penalty or Backlink Audit.

I can help!











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