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Tweeting my way onto Google's radar


Who said a tweet cant change your day!

I have never been much of a tweeter! I personally just don't have the time. But recently my mentor Dr. Marie Haynes suggested I put myself out there more socially in the SEO and Google Penalty online circles. I began using twitter and of course it became addictive. I always wondered who would care about anything I have to say. I know alot about penalty recovery and google reconsideration but I never thought it would lead to this.

The other day I opened my emails to find an email from the Search Quality Evaluation Manager asking me if I would like to participate in a call regarding the reconsideration process.

Its funny, when I received the email I originally thought it was spam or a joke as the email had very little indication it was actually from Google.

But to my surprise it really was. Authentic. I had come on Google's radar thanks to an article: Google webmaster Tools Messages shows your reconsideration request submissions "by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable featured around my twitter post which then was picked up and posted on Search Engine Land.

The Quality Search manager had seen my tweet (see Google does silently stalk the social networks) and then researched my website Since majority of my work is Google Penalty Recovery he felt that I would be an excellent candidate to discuss my thoughts and experiences with the Google Reconsideration process.

To little ol' me this was very exciting. Then panic set it.. What would I say, would they find me intelligent and interesting and most importantly it is a video call so what would I wear!

Once I got over the initial excitement and panic. I knew exactly what I would say. I have the experience to back up my thoughts, I have the 100% successful penalty recovery rate to back up my expertise and most importantly I knew that I could handle anything the big bad google team would throw at me.

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to have a google hangout with 3 members of the Google Quality Search Team.

Well to my surprise the team at Google wasn't big nor bad. They were 3 of nicest individuals who made me feel welcomed from the moment the Google Hangout began. They were truly interested in my feedback on the Reconsideration process. They were engaged and asked questions regarding my processes for reconsideration and my personal experiences with the Google reconsideration process and tools.

They actually wanted to hear my frustrations and more importantly my solutions. I presented areas where I felt improvement could be made such as the resources available from Google, the dreaded disavow file: why cant we disavow a spammy domain with a wildcard character for instance the sites, right down to how frustrating it is they can penalize a site for links that don't even show in webmaster tools.

At the end of the video call I truly felt like Google is getting it. They are seeing how frustrating the process is, they are identifying the lack of consistency throughout their tools and resources and most importantly they WANT to improve. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with the team and I look forward to seeing what improvements are to come from Google and this team.

Who knew Google would hear my Tweet!

** I must add that in no way is Google endorsing me by asking me to participate in this call.

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