Backlink Monitoring

Backlinks are the most important aspect in any website. Search engines love backlinks. They are one of the ranking factors and improve the site's visibility. The more quality backlinks, the better visibility in search engines. But if your backlink profile is not maintained properly it can actually hurt your website and put you at risk for a manual action or penalty.

It is very difficult and almost impossible for a website to get only quality backlinks. Unhealthy and toxic links need to be removed. Manual backlink monitoring allows us to identify new and unhealthy links to your site and remove them before they can be harmful. We actively watch and report on all backlinks, anchor text, no follow or do follow status and much more.

By setting an alert for new backlinks we can continually monitor your site and ensure its organic profile.

We prepare monthly backlink profile reports allowing you to easily see your profile and proactively defend against penalties, manual actions.

Continuous backlink monitoring helps ensure your site continuous to grow its online profile in an ethical and organic way.